Electric Sunglasses: An Innovation In Eyewear

Electric Sunglasses | Day Tripper Gear

Electric is a quality sunglasses and snow goggle company that also produces clothing and other accessories.  Electric was founded in January 2000 in San Clemente, CA by Kip Arnette, Mike Carter, and Bruce Beach. Electric sunglasses are known for its volt logo and strong ties to action sports, music, and the fashion industry. 

The Electric brand has been worn by surf masters like Luke Egan, Dave Rastovich, Ozzie Wright, and Matt Hoy since their mainstream release in 2000. Bam Margera, a skateboarding legend, made Electric famous on MTV and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch has been wearing Electric sunglasses since 2005 when he was NASCAR’s “Rookie of the Year.”  These are only a few of the sports icons that have been seen using and promoting the Electric brand over the last decade.

Electric sunglasses are well known for being lightweight and durable but they also protect the eyes from nearly all harmful rays from the sun all while earning the wearer fashion points.  These sunglasses come in a variety of frames with many lens options as well as various styles and levels of UV protection.  They are designed with today’s youth in mind and are producing some of the most unique designs seen to date.

The Electric brand is world renowned for its fashionable, unique designs as well as the durability of their products.  Their website boasts that any personality type or outdoor lover can find a pair of sunglasses they love.  This company has been around for a little over a decade and has produced some of the world’s most innovative designs since its conception.For more info about electric sunshades, read on now!

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