Upgrading Personal Style With Vestal Watches

Vestal Watches


Wearing one of the unique products from Vestal Watches is a good means of self-expression. These are stylish accessories that are designed to appeal to young people and those into music and extreme sports. The image they represent is youthful, exciting, and high-energy. Those who are part of the hip modern crowd will appreciate the way these watches accent an outfit and add flair.

One of the features that sets these watches apart is their endorsements of musicians and athletes. Skate and snowboarders make up their team of athletes, which fits their image for young and edgy style. The bands they are associated with are up and coming and independent, like Shiny Toy Guns, the Black Lips, and MSTRKRFT. A part of their brand strategy is to associate themselves with the energy and innovative style of the scene. In 2010 they released an iPhone app that streams Vestal Radio. This is an online radio station that features music from Vestal artists, interviews, and guest DJs.

David Bonaventure founded the company in 1997 in Newport Beach, California. It has since gone International and even has a headquarters in France. The company even produces products for other brands like Paul Frank and Vans. The product line has expanded and now includes specialty eyewear, t-shirts, and accessories, like hats and belts.

In 2007, the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association gave them the Breakthrough Brand of the Year Award. In 2008, they were nominated for Men’s Marketing Campaign of the Year. The recognition they get for their products is due the special design, materials, and interesting add-ons. They are meant to get attention as fashion accessories, not just timepieces. Unique materials, like Rosewood, definitely stand out. Other materials like polished black metal or brass are equally attractive.

Anyone that wants to add an eye-catching and stylish accessory should consider one of these watches. Considering celebrities like Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses, Juliette Lewis, and singer-songwriter Peaches, all wear them, they are a great choice. There is a lot status and prestige that goes along with an uncommon accessory and these are no exception. They are not mass-produced, so they will stand out for all to see.

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