The Emergence of the CamelBak Water Bottle

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A green revolution has begun to take place in our society and one of the predominant catalysts for this movement is the CamelBak water bottle.  Originally founded in 1989 by Michael Eidson, CamelBak Products LLC has exploded onto the national scene though they are still a relatively small, privately owned business with a number of employees ranging between 50-200.  The initial model was a backpack that had two hoses which can easily be inserted into an individual’s mouth for hydration and as well would store easily when not being used.  This model was an instantaneous hit amongst extreme sports and outdoor athletes as it maximized individuals carrying capacity by combining the two most important components of any athletic event or strenuous workout; storage space and hydration.

After the companies initial success they expanded their inventory by developing the CamelBak water bottle which features a dip straw and a bite valve that is collapsible and virtually eliminates all spills.  What truly propelled the water bottle to its true potential was the dialectic in society with regards to recycling as many individuals began re-using water bottles or having their own container to avoid contributing more plastic to our landfills.  Furthermore, the CamelBak water bottle is BPA free which is a potentially toxic chemical that has become prevalent in other forms of repeatedly used water bottles due to the gradual corroding of the interior metal portion of the unit from liquid.

There are several different attachments and products that coincide with the CamelBak water bottle in order to accommodate your workout experience.  Ultimately, hydration is the most basic fundamental need in every living being and owning a CamelBak water bottle will guarantee you are being environmentally responsible and healthy.

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