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Rock Climbing | Discount Sunglasses

Rock climbing is the act of climbing across, over or around the face of a naturally occurring rock structure and has been done by all types of people.  Typically, climbers will use a pre-determined route to scale the rock in either the most efficient or the most difficult way.  It is a test that is both physical and mental, and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a sport, although it is not an official Olympic event.  There are a variety of climbing techniques and equipment to go along with this adrenaline rush, as your endurance and mental control will be vigorously tested.

Though the sport of rock climbing was known to be a vital part of early Victorian mountaineering, specifically in the Alps, it is a rather general consensus that the sport actually began in the beginning of the 19th century; being centralized in European nations.  Though it was first a necessity in order to travel, rock climbing has undergone a transformation that presents it now as an extreme sport.  There are several different types of rock climbing and one of these is referred to as ‘aid-climbing’, which requires specific gear including footholds.  Another type is called ‘free-climbing’ which poses a far greater risk as you are only using the natural part of the rock to ascend, and thus your gear is solely for protection.

However, due to the growing popularity of the sport any individual can find an indoor rock climbing wall near them and most California State Universities have rock-walls added inside their gym.  This indicates how much a person can attain from rock climbing as a form of exercise.  This is a popular form of rock climbing for beginners as it poses far less of a threat and has several different routes (easy, medium hard) that fit climbers of all skills.  Top roping, which is when an anchor is set up at the peak of the route prior to the start of the climb as well as ‘lead-climbing’ which has now anchor but instead a “leader” who has the rope attached directly to their harness are also popular forms of rock climbing.  A good way to capture and immortalize your rock climbing experience is by using the Go-Pro Hero with helmet attachment.  This camera is hands free and will provide a point of view perspective, which the enthusiast can record and watch repeatedly.

Rock climbing is one of the most natural ways to experience your potential as well as enjoy scenic views rarely enjoyed.  Furthermore, it a cleansing experience and is picked up as a hobby by thousands of individuals worldwide each year.  If you have never had the pleasure of enjoying a rock climb, no matter what type, now is the time to experience it!

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